Hypnosis Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Management Hypnosis

By targeting the subconscious with powerful suggestion techniques, I  help you develop a positive relationship with food.  Establish new healthy eating habits, eat smaller portions and rid yourself of old, negative thoughts and patterns.

Stop Emotional Eating

If you could stop emotional eating today, what difference will it make to your life?  You can reach your reduction goals and reach your target number with hypnosis when you separate your emotional and physical needs.

Food & Exercise Package

Our two-session weight and exercise program combines managing your food intake and exercise motivation so you can establish healthy eating and exercise habits for a healthier lifestyle!

Schedule your hypnosis session or weight and exercise hypnosis package today with Marge Scharback, RN by calling 631 209 0029 if you want to stop emotional eating.  It’s time to feel and look good again!  Session fee:  $100 for one hour session

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