All About Marge Scharback, RN

What can I tell you about Marge? Peaceful, calm, loving, healing, genuine (to name just a few) are some of the qualities I would use to describe Marge Scharback. But then I would just be touching on a small part of who she is. Marge is truly dedicated to her craft of healing everyone she touches and encouraging self-love and care to promote optimum wellness and life experience.

When first encountering Marge, you might think she was almost shy….very quiet and unassuming. Quickly you find that she is warm, intelligent, charismatic and quick-witted. Wherever she is, she brings a peaceful grace to the event that she attends. Whether a one-on-one encounter, a webinar or a large well-attended event, she stands out from the crowd.

About Services Offered by Marge

With tools such as Hypnosis and Labyrinths, Marge Scharback holds sessions and events that engage her clients in promoting self-healing and self-love. She has been invited to speak at medical events and other organizations on numerous occasions about Hypnosis for Stress Management and many other alternative modalities that complement regular medical care.

With thirty years of nursing experience, Marge continues to answer that calling. She is actively engaged in presenting Reiki to area hospital patients. This experimental program allows the hospital to document the positive impact Reiki has on patients and staff members.

In addition to the alternative care practices, she holds labyrinth events, so participants can feel the relaxation and transformative healing power of a walk through it. Marge Scharback brings her events to those interested organizations that wish to promote a meditative state, prayer and healing.

Contact Marge Scharback for Hypnosis, Labyrinths or Speaking Engagements by calling (631) 871-2574.