Reiki II is the study of the Reiki symbols, their meaning and purpose and how to utilize in practice. It is strongly advised that the Reiki II attunement be obtained after a time of practicing self Reiki and Reiki on family and friends. Class activities include lecture, discussion, demonstrations and hands on practice.

Class Manual (required): The class manual is the same as Reiki I “Reiki, the Healing Touch” 

Fee: $175.00 USD for Reiki II

  • The Reiki symbols and how to use them.
  • Guided meditation to prepare for attunement
  • Reiki II attunement
  • Documenting a Reiki session
  • Sending Reiki with the eyes (Gyoshi ho)
  • Sending Reiki with the breath (Koki ho)
  • Distant healing
  • How to conduct a complete Reiki session
  • Hands on practice with symbols

September 18, 2021 from 10 am to 5 pm