Hypnocoaching is a very unique process that melds hypnosis and coaching. As a hypnocoach, there are specific techniques and tools that are used to bypass the conscious “critical thinking” mind and tap into the subconscious creative mind…who you are and what you really want to be and do.  The hypnotist acts as an objective, non-judgmental partner in the process of exploring what the client wants to achieve.  Hypnocoaching can be used for career changes, general life direction, relationships, specific goal achievement, job transitions…just to name a few.

The Hypnocoaching process requires a dedicated time commitment in order to facilitate any change.  Weekly sessions either in office, by phone or via internet is required. The purpose is to keep the client on track to achieve their desired outcomes.

The first session, or discovery session, allows the hypnotist into the clients’ world to determine what they want to achieve and what is important to them. Subsequent sessions establish achievable weekly goals that the client sets for themselves as they progress to success.

Make your self-improvement commitment NOW!  I would be more than happy to partner with you to assist you in your journey.  Hypnocoaching sessions not only bring about change, but assist you in directing your path towards your goals. Call (631) 209-0029 to make an appointment today.

Hypno Coaching Fees

One-hour Hypnocoaching Session $100
​Six Month Package for weekly calls $2000

What price would you pay for success, happiness, peace of mind?

​What are some circumstances that make hiring a hypnocoach a good idea?

  • You are procrastinating
  • You are having difficulty moving forward
  • You can’t see yourself where you want to be
  • You can, but things seem to be getting in the way
  • You don’t feel you have the knowledge, education or gifts to get what you want
  • You need someone to keep you on track with focus and clarity

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